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Action Annapolis debuts City Council candidate video interviews ahead of primary elections

(Capital Gazette, 9/10/21)

The nonpartisan voter outreach organization Action Annapolis has released a series of video interviews with City Council candidates this week ahead of the Sept. 21 primary elections.

Eleven of the 15 candidates who are seeking eight council seats participated in the project called #GoVoteAnnapolis, meant to increase voters’ awareness...

Hey Annapolis, Get To Know Your Candidates

(Eye on Annapolis, 9/10/21)

Action Annapolis, a non-partisan voter engagement organization has been busy over the past four months learning about the candidates that are seeking to represent residents of Annapolis on the City Council. While there are only three contested primary races, all Democrat (Wards 3, 4, 8), the general election will be here before you know it...


Action Annapolis hosts eviction awareness town hall

(Capital Gazette, 11/12/20)

“Evictions are a very real issue facing individuals and families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Phebe Duff, an Action Annapolis founding member, said in a statement released by the Annapolis based political action group....

Phebe Duff: Join Action Annapolis as it seeks solutions to local housing inequity

(Capital Gazette, 1/25/20)
One of the most significant markers of economic success is home-ownership. Housing inequity helps to perpetuate economic disparity from generation to generation and contributes to a loss of diversity in a community. Annapolis is no exception....

Forum will allow comparison of candidates' stances on important issues

(Capital Gazette, 5/4/18)

Even with all the ink The Capital puts into educating readers, it can be tough to decipher just who is running for what and in which district. The local nonpartisan group Action Annapolis has developed tools for helping to connect voters...

Effort led to voter turnout increases in Annapolis wards 4,6 and 7

(Capital Gazette, 10/6/17)

Recent articles in the Capital regarding the primary elections lamented the low turnout of Annapolis voters on September 19 with just 26.3%...

Sonia Feldman: Please take part in upcoming city election

(Capital Gazette, 9/2/17)

Action Annapolis believes that, while voter registration is critical, it doesn't mean much if we don't vote in both the primary and general elections....


2017 Unity Day Picnic at Harbour House/Eastport Terrace

The 2017 Unity Day Picnic held on Saturday, August 26, at Harbour House/Eastport Terrace was a resounding success, judging from...

Voter Data FINAL.jpg

Voting in the Annapolis Election is Your Right

Guess how many registered voters actually voted in the 2013 primary election for mayor and aldermen? You probably guessed too high....

Women in Appointed Positions in the City of Annapolis

In the wake of Mayor Mike Pantiledes’ appointment of a panel of five men, four of whom are not City residents, to select the next Chief of Police, Action Annapolis wondered just how many women have been appointed by the Mayor Board and Commissions and Department Heads....


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