Ross Arnett (D)  |  Ward 8

Incumbent, first elected in 2007; challenged by John “Bumper” Moyer (D)

Ross Arnett has served as alderman in Ward 8 for 10 years. He focuses much of his time on protecting the quality of life enjoyed in Eastport. In doing so, he communicates often with constituents, answering dozens of emails every day and holding regular, well-attended town hall meetings to discuss issues of importance to Ward 8.


Arnett considers himself a “proud fiscal hawk” and is concerned about the city’s unfunded liabilities. He cares deeply about the environment and pushed to establish a Watershed Implementation Plan. He also sponsored, and worked to pass, the historic Forest Conservation ordinance, and he is working to implement a more transparent land use Planning and Zoning process that protects residents’ and developers’ interests.


Another major priority for Arnett is responding to the recent increase in gun violence and crime. He is working to get police officers out of their cars and walking in their neighborhoods, to equip the police department with body and dashboard cameras, and to make Annapolis a tough place to sell and buy drugs by enforcing a strong antidrug policy in public housing.

This profile is based on interviews Action Annapolis conducted with the candidates in June. Arnett also attended the Action Annapolis-sponsored Candidate Meet and Greet on June 7, 2017.