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Bob O'Shea (R)  |
Maryland State Delegate - District 30a

Primary Challenger to candidates

B. Darren Burns (R), Chelsea Gill (R), and Doug Rathell (R)

Why are you qualified to represent the people in your jurisdiction?


I have lived in Annapolis for 20 years and have seen the states burdens grow due to the Career Politicians that are more concerned about their own personal advancement compared to ”Actually Helping” the State of Maryland become a State that is concerned for the Citizens who these Career Politicians have been elected by.

The State of Maryland has lost numerous opportunities for National Companies to house Corporate Headquarters in Maryland that would create good paying jobs for an individual’s family. Instead the companies chose our neighboring states like Virginia and Delaware.

I have been involved in the Medical, Government and Defense Industries for 36 years dealing with individuals that have differing views. My experience has taught me to look for areas of some common ground to start discussions from. I actually like when two groups have highly opposed views. My reason for feeling this way is that after a resolution has been obtained and all parties involved feel that they have received a reasonable outcome for all participants it makes the next discussion so much easier because people feel they are dealing with individuals that are willing to listen to their needs and concerns.

One of the biggest problems we all deal with now in this country is the feeling that our needs are being overlooked. I feel one of my greatest assets is to listen to why someone feels the way they do and try to involve their needs in the resolution to the final outcome. Beyond anything else in politics now is the ability to listen and learn, traits that seem few and far between in the current political arena. I will guarantee both if elected.

What are three goals you want to accomplish in the next four years to advance the rights of women and minorities in Maryland?

1.  All individuals should be compensated equally for the job done. No individual should be paid a lesser amount of money due to gender, race or ethnicity. I will work for Equal Pay for an Equal Job for all.


2.  A safe life environment for all. Meaning Safe Communities and Workplace. Not having to worry about being harassed or treated unfairly.


3.  Equal Access to Education for all. Realizing that an education is the pathway to a greater future for all.


What are the three most important issues on which you want to effect change?  What will be your strategy for achieving these changes?


1.  I want to Reduce the Tax burden to the Citizens of The State of Maryland. This includes both State Income and Property Taxes. Maryland is the 44th WORST Taxed State in the Country. Not a proud achievement if you have been a Politician over the last 20 years in the State. Maryland is becoming a State that people are moving out of due to the extreme costs to live here. I would strive to see the State spend the tax dollars more efficiently and reduce the waste that has been going on for years. Maryland State Politicians need to stop increasing User Fee’s, Taxes and Assessments to cover the bloat that this State has created.

2.  I want to see all Children receive the education that they deserve and need to succeed in the upcoming global employment environment. Maryland students deserve a SAFE place to go to school and these students need the best education from the best teachers available. We as citizens should demand schools that are equal throughout the state and individual cities. Why should a child’s opportunity to learn be contingent on the neighborhood they live in. The State is doing a disservice to the families in these weaker communities and school districts making a young child start out already behind in the potential learning experience they should be given. I will work to see all schools receive the dollars and teachers needed to Educate all Students in Public Schools equally. The State must work in partnership with the Counties and School Administrations to give our kids the Safe Education they deserve and are paying for.

3.  Marylanders deserve a high quality of life for all residents! Being that we are one of the highest taxed states should we not expect some of the best services and opportunities? Residents of this Great State should demand the best infrastructure, drive times to work, education for our kids and recreational opportunities during our free time. I want to change Maryland for the better, to help Governor Hogan advance the good things that he has done for the state and all Maryland Citizens. Maryland needs to stop the partisan politics and get back to the people’s business.  Governor Hogan has done a good job working across the aisle and I look forward to working with all my colleagues in the House of Delegates if elected. To increase the recreational and working waterman’s life aspect I want to effect change for the “Quality of Health” of the Chesapeake Bay. Much money and talk is expended on this highly regarded asset of Maryland every year but in reality, every year the quality of this Beautiful work of Mother Nature is not better than it has been in previous years. We need to create discussions on how we all can work together to get a real improvement to the treasure we all call the Chesapeake.


What have you learned about yourself or the political process since you became a candidate or have been an elected official?


It has become evident that the American Population is in a very Divisive state. We all need to work together and come up with solutions that are viable. We need to discuss the solutions and avenues to take to move this Great State we live in forward. Politicians need to not worry about who gets the credit BUT that we worked together to resolve a problem that previously was left unresolved.


Specifically, how will you keep your constituents informed about the issues facing the county and the state?


I enjoy receiving thought and feedback from individuals. I will be using many forms of Social Media and e-mail. And for those who still want to use a phone to speak to me that is available. In my opinion one of the best forms of communication is face to face. That being said, I look forward to meeting in person as many individuals as possible during this Election Season. And once elected my door will always be open to my constituents.

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